To whomever that happened to came across this website:

Welcome! This is my work-in-progress site.

This is me!

A photo of Chang

I’m Chang. I’m in my final year studying Computational Math and Statistics at the University of Waterloo in Canada (not in Belgium).

Professional interests

So far, I liked every subject– they all serve a purpose and I enjoy learning about them. I just love learning haha.

In particular though, I really enjoy STEM subjects. Right now, I’m aspiring to be a professional Data Sceintist or perhaps a Software Engineer for my future career, and I’ve had 5+ internships in the field.


I absolutely love reading! I can’t spend a day without reading at least a couple of pages of a book, no matter how busy I am.

Apart from reading, I also really like photography. Before 2019, I mainly shoot nature and landscape. I also do a lot of travel photography since I’ve been to quite a few places (Ecuador, Tanzania, South Korea, to name a few).

But I recently got into portraiture and event photography, perhaps because quite a few student societies I joined needed me to cover for their event (such as 180 consulting, Women in CS, and MathSoc).

A photo that I took for the 180 Degrees Consulting Deloitte Event Workshop

I also realized that photography is a great way to document our family life moments since I’m spending so much time away from my family in university.

A photo of mom and sister

When I’m not coding or doing any of the above, you could find me sailing, kayaking, swimming, camping, hiking, skiing, skating, running, doing yoga, playing ultimate frisbee, playing basketball, playing badminton, drawing, playing clarinet, and more. I’ve dabbled in quite a few sports and I challenge you to find something that I haven’t tried!

A photo of me skiing