Checkout my GitHub for coding projects

IMDB Movie Review Sentiment Analysis

Skills: Python, Data Visualization(Matplotlib), Machine Learning (Tensorflow, Keras)

Code (Jupyter Notebook)

A nlp project analyzing audiences’ sentiment on new movies.

Classify New Stars – Project for a Grad Level Course at UWaterloo

Skills: R, Research, EDA, Variable Selection, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Report (See code in Appendix), PowerPoint

Photography has always been one of my passions. For our project for STAT 441 Statistical Learning – Classification, we brought our passion for photography together with statistics and used NASA’s astrophotography data to classify new stellar observations.

Data Science Projects for Bristol Gate Capital

Skills: Python (Numpy, Pandas, JIT, Matplotlib, Dash, Streamlit, Flask), SQL (MS SQL Server), Research, Data Verification, Data Analysis, Data Manipulation, Data Visualization

Presentation, Code (available upon request)

Check out the summary presentation of my four projects at Bristolgate Capital!

Project for a 3rd Year Statistics Course at UWaterloo

Skills: R, R Markdown, Research, EDA, Model Selection

Report (See appendix for code)

This is our statistics project for a third year major statistics course on applied linear models.

Data Analysis for 180 Degrees Consulting

Skills: Python, Experiment Design, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Presentation, Oral Communication

Spring Midterm PPT, Winter Midterm PPT, Winter KPI EOT PPT

As an executive of 180 Degrees Consulting, I analyzed and visualized KPIs, collected member feedback and HR data, performed statistical analysis, visualized results and presented them to the rest of the executives team.

Shoe Shop Challenge

Skills: Python, SQL, Data Analysis, Critical Thinking

Code (Jupyter Notebook)

Applied SQL and Python in real-world cases on a shoe shop with data provided by Shopify. Check out the project.

Statistics and Data Blog Posts

Skills: R, R Markdown, Latex, Data Analysis

Here’s some short data projects and notes that I’ve done using R and R Markdown.

Data Projects

Blog Posts

C++ and Object Oriented Programming

Skills: C++, Git, Presentation, Oral Communication

Videos, PowerPoints and Code samples (available upon request)

As the Instructional Support Assistant at the University of Waterloo, I hosted 8 tutorials for 2nd year and 3rd year computer science student. I’ve uploaded them on Youtube after the course ended!